Payroll and Human Resource

The Payroll and Human Resource Training workshops are aimed at bridging the gap between Accounts and Human Resource Departments. Workshop participants are equipped with knowledge to sharpen and broaden their payroll management skills to meet today’s payroll dynamic demands and modern technology trends. The training also helps bring about industrial harmony because the participants serve Management and the General workforce better.

We have well designed training materials which combines topics both from Accounting such as Zambian Payroll Taxation and Human Resource such as Zambian Labour Laws, Amendments to the Laws and Various Statutory Instruments.

Ministry of Labour and Social Security always sends representatives to handle some topics that relate to Labour matters and all challenging labour matters experienced by participants.

Various institutions have taken advantage of this training platform because in Zambia we do not have official formal training mainly focusing on payroll administration which integrates Human Resource Management and Accounts.

Training Details

 Payroll and Human Resource (3 days duration) 

  • Payroll Practitioner -qualifications, skills and competencies to discussed
  • Payroll Stakeholders – Appreciating the environment and understanding how to manage various stakeholders
  • Payroll Ethics – Dos and Don’ts of the profession and appreciating ethical, legal and professional standards
  • Payroll Terminologies – Getting to know all the payroll terms
  • Payroll Life cycle – Getting to know and appreciating various payroll activities
  • All Zambian Labour Laws – Awareness and Appreciation of all the Zambian Labour Laws.
  • Drill down on the employment Act Code, 2019, Employee and Employer rights, before, employment
  • SI No. 69 of 2018, SI No. 70 of 2018 and SI No. 71 of 2018
  • Drill down on National Pension Scheme Act (NAPSA), Amendment Act No 7 of 2015
  • Payroll Taxation – Hands on and intensive calculations.
  • Payroll Formulas – Computations of Leave, Overtime, Gratuity, Redundancy, Retirement, Repatriation benefits
  • Payroll software – Hands on, Tax verifications, Pay slip Interpretation
  • Payroll filling – Filling standards, knowing what to file, when and how
  • Payroll audit – Being able to carry out a payroll Audit. Ghost workers, Payroll formulas, taxation, compliance, ETC,. Preparing for Internal or External Audit, we also Practice notes in line with new revenue measures by ZRA to know what is taxable and how and what is not taxable and why not
  • Employee Self Service – Getting to appreciate ESS and assessing its suitability for your organization
  • Showcasing of ESoft HRIS – we also show case our Human Resource Information system (HRIS)