Training Workshops

Payroll and  Human Resource

The Payroll and Human Resource Training workshops are aimed at bridging the gap between Accounts and Human Resource Departments. Workshop participants are equipped with knowledge to sharpen and broaden their payroll management skills to meet today’s payroll dynamic demands and modern technology trends. The training also helps bring about industrial harmony because the participants serve Management and the General workforce better.

We have well designed training materials which combines topics both from Accounting such as Zambian Payroll Taxation and Human Resource such as Zambian Labour Laws, Amendments to the Laws and Various Statutory Instruments. Ministry of Labour and Social Security always sends representatives to handle some topics that relate to Labour matters and all challenging labour matters experienced by participants.

Various institutions have taken advantage of this training platform because in Zambia we do not have official formal training mainly focusing on payroll administration which integrates Human Resource Management and Accounts.

Microsoft Excel Intermediate and Advanced

The Intermediate to Advanced Excel training workshops equip delegates with much needed Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills. Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and globally appreciated pieces of software developed by Microsoft. It is useful for data organization, analysis, calculations, projections, planning and decision making. According to our research ninety five percent of the users try to teach themselves and they are unaware of important features.

The training focuses on excel features meant to sharpen delegates skills so as to provide solutions to various time consuming and challenging excel tasks. This will enable the participants to work more efficiently and maximize productivity.

Discipline Administration and Performance Management

This training focuses on how to administer discipline in work places and we focus on various challenging disciplinary cases which result in court cases if not well handled. Performance Management also focuses on various performance management tools.

Presentation Skills and Designing Microsoft PowerPoint Professional Presentations

This training is very useful for public speaking skills as well as preparing, organizing and delivering a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint Application.