Job Analysis

A job analysis consists of a thorough analysis of the job duties and knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics required for success in a certain position. The primary reason an organization will perform a job analysis is to ensure the selection procedures they use to choose between job applicants are valid and defensible.


  • Human Resource (HR) professionals can match the needs of their organization with the talent of their current and future workforce.
  • HR professionals can use job analysis results to help fill key roles within their organization, now and in the future.
  • The results of a job analysis can allow an organization to develop an employee according to the specificness of their job title.
  • Organizations may also use the results of a job analysis to groom employees for promotion by training in areas that will contribute to a future position.
  • Using the results of a job analysis, organizations may identify any gaps on an individual level and assist employees with their career management.