Human Resource Information System

This is a working tool for human resource  practitioners. The main aim of  this system is to computerize employee’s personales moving away from traditional to modern electronic data management. Employee information is available just on the tips, hence  managing  employee records efficiently and effectively.

Feature highlights

  • Capturing of family details and emergency contacts
  • Administration of employee sick notes
  • Module to manage employee contracts
  • Capturing of Qualications,
  • Tracking of employee work history
  • Management of Employee disciplinary records
  • Management of Work Permits for Expatriate Employees
  • Recording of Accidents and illness
  • Monitoring of company Assets allocated to employees
  • Logging of vehicles allocated to employees

The Human Resource system is also integrated with a Payroll Management Software tailor made for the  Zambian Market. The payroll meets all the Zambian statutory and legal requirements. The system was developed using state of art technology, this system is suitable for medium to large multinational companies.

Feature highlights

  • Multi-Currency – the system can accommodate multiple currencies from all over the world
  • Multiple Exchange rate conversions
  • Multiple Companies
  • Able to email pays lips to
  • Multiple and Concurrent  users
  • Rich with data  import  and  export tools
  • Inbuilt report  design  tools
  • Variety of pay  slip  designs
  • Variety of payroll  reports
  • Unlimited  data  retention  periods