About Us

Esoft Africa is a Zambian incorporated under the laws of Zambia. We are specialized in Human    Resource  Software,  Payroll  Software,  Payroll  Outsourcing  Services,  Human Resource Services, IT  Support Services and Training Workshops. We pride ourselves in  the ability  to  deliver  our  services  of  high  quality  and  on  time.  Esoft  it’s  a proudly Zambian Company that offers you the best  solutions  for  your  Human  Resource  Information System (HRIS), Payroll Software, IT Support  and Human Resource Services. Our in-depth knowledge  coupled  with  years  of  experience  and    expertise  makes  ESoft  Africa  an excellent  choice.

Our  passion  to  deliver  quality  service  on  time  is  evident  in  the  usability of our products  and our services are carried out at highest levels of professionalism. Our software ensures this is achieved as they  are  easy  to  use, simplied  for  the  user  and  very professional. Our  prices are affordable as they are segmented by the number of employees  in  your  company

While  you  take a  tour  through  our  profile  you  will  identify  that partnering  with  ESoft  Africa  Limited  is  the  best  decision  you  can  make  for  your  business. We  understand  the  local  business atmosphere  that  is  why  our  locally  developed  products and  services  are  suited  to  every  business,  company  or  organization  on  the Zambian market  but  not  limited  to  this  demographic. With  the  world  constantly  evolving,  your business needs to evolve and catch on to the latest  trends to successfully and protably operate.  We  always  strive  to  keep  our  clients  up  to  date  with  current  technological trends.

In  conclusion,  we  are  requesting a day of your choosing for us to carry out a demo for your company.  An opportunity for you to test our  software and  human  resource  services and ask questions relating to your company’s specic  needs. Finally  we  look  forward to  doing  business  with  you  and  maintain a long term business relationship

Our Goal

To  build  long  term  relationships  with  our  clients  and  provide  exceptional  service  and support  because  we  believe  this  to  be  the  only  way  to  develop  and  expand  our company  reach.

Our Vision

To become your ‘First choice’ for Human Resource Software, Payroll Software, Human Resource Services and IT Support.

Our Purpose

We exist to offer you products and services that will help you work effectively and productively. We shall help you save money and time by providing services